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Art with Construction Paper

Construction Paper is a cheap and easy material to use with your child.
Below are just some great projects you can do with your child that are easy to manage. Always keep scraps because they come in handy for other projects.

Build A Scene: City

This is an easy to prepare ahead project especially if you keep your scrap paper. You can do this multiple times with different themes.

Tape Painting

A no mess project with easy to use washi tape and construction paper. Unlike other tape, washi is easy to remove and rip.

Shadow Drawing

You can do this outside or inside with the light of the sun. Or make shadows with a flash light.

Paper Tunnel Sculpture

Fun way to shape and play with paper. Coordinates with PreK4 Theme of  Tunnels & Tubes

Sun Prints

Great activity for a sunny day

Paper Weaving

Great for hand coordination but might be hard for 3 year olds.

Crumpled Tissue Tree

Crumpled Tree is easy to do and uses glue that kids love to use. Coordinated with PreK theme: Trees